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Travel and Job Security: 50,000 Reasons to Be a Pagan

by Christine DeSadeleer Jul 8, 2009
Do a little dance, make a little cackle, get down tonight.

Apparently, Paganism is where it’s at these days. According to a recent piece, the amount of Pagans is doubling about every 18 months in the US, Canada, and Europe.

So naturally, this increase eventually showed itself in travel.

A record 35,000 attended the Solstice celebration at Stonehenge this summer, eco-retreats are doubling as neo-pagan travel, and there are Fairy/Fairie/Faerie festivals flying in and landing all over the world, from Maryland to Perth.

But beyond travel, the best of all has to be the job possibilities. Or possibility. BBC News ran a piece on the latest Job Centre opening that will bring in £50,000 a year for the right candidate.

Yep, they have a ‘witch’ vacancy. You must be willing to live in a cave at tourist site Wookey Hole, can’t be allergic to cats, and must be able to cackle. Teaching a bit of witchcraft to the people coming through is also a part of the deal.

Hmm, for that kind of money in this economy, I think my cat would dig the darkness and the people-watching. And I’ve certainly been known to let out a good cackle here and there.

What do you think about the upswing in Paganism? Share your thoughts below.

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