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If You Want to Travel, Just Say Yes

by Jen Legra Mar 30, 2015

NO matter what. Just. Say. Yes.

1. Money

If your reasoning for not traveling long-term is money, just say yes. Money is important, sure, but many people find that they figure it out along the way. They find odd jobs to maintain themselves. They cut costs on amenities they realize they could live without. Or they simply go home after the money runs out. The reality is that if you want to travel, the only cost you can’t avoid is the flight. But once the flight is booked, cheap accommodations can be found and traveling on a low income in many places is very possible.

2. Time

If your reason for not traveling long-term is time, just say yes. Many people mention that they have always wanted to live abroad but kept putting it off because it simply wasn’t the right time. Come on… we all know there is never a right time or enough time. According to this article, the most common regret is looking back and realizing how many dreams have gone unfulfilled, how many things we didn’t make time for. If this is something you want to do. The time is now. GO.

3. Fear

If fear is your reason for not traveling long-term, wait for it… just say yes. Fear is bullish*t. Yep I said it. Bullshit. Fear is always about what could/might/possibly happen next which means it isn’t happening right now which means at this here moment, fear does not exist… unless you let it.

4. Guilt

If guilt is your reason for not traveling long-term, you know where I’m going… say sí, sí, sí. Maybe you feel guilty about leaving your aging parents behind. Maybe you feel guilty because you think your kids need a certain kind of home. Maybe you feel guilty because you will be the first person in your family to move, leaving an empty seat at family dinners on Sundays. Guilt is another BS emotion. It does absolutely nothing for us. It doesn’t warn us of danger. It doesn’t help us live longer. It doesn’t make us smarter. And it certainly doesn’t push us live our best life. Leave guilt at the terminal and board the plane.

5. Circumstances

If your current circumstances are the reason for not traveling long-term… do I really need to say it again? SAY YES! I’m the only child. I’m almost tenured. I have a good, dependable job. I have an older parent. I’m really close with my family. I’m pregnant. We all have circumstances that allow us the fodder we are looking for to back out, to talk ourselves out of this (whatever this might be for you). Stop talking yourself out of it! If you are having the discussion, at all, it is because somewhere, in some place inside you, you want this. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t even be thinking about.

Saying yes is hard, the first time, but I promise, no harder than getting to the end of the road and realizing the journey is behind you and you never went out in search of it.

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