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What's the Most Overrated Place to Take Kids in the US?

United States Couples
by David Miller Apr 1, 2015

Hello Matador parents — and kids! Next week we’ll be publishing a new guide specifically for families traveling around the US this summer. We’re digging up the most underrated places, and as always, we’ll have lots of inspiration and local knowledge, and a special focus on:

  • Road Trips
  • Best camping spots
  • Most family friendly spots for learning and adventure

If you’d like to stay tuned or help us spread the word, please use the #MatadorKids hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

In the meantime, we’re still looking for additional suggestions from the community. Please take a minute to answer below if you’d like to participate. Or feel free to just drop info in the comments.


  • Can be backpacking, tent camping, car camping...doesn't matter. Where do you like to pitch a tent with the kids?
  • Can be a town, a restaurant, an amusement park, an educational center...what's really stood out?
  • So many places are hyped as 'family-friendly'. Which ones don't live up to the hype?
  • Which places have you found that deserve more publicity than they get as family-friendly spots?
  • This can be a full cross country adventure or just a regional weekend trip with the fam. Just give us the overview--roads, major stops. Thx!

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