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17 Ways Google Is Changing the World

by Abbie Mood Nov 5, 2010
Chances are that if you are reading this article, you use the Internet. If you use the Internet, you know Google. It all started in 1996 with a plan that turned into the most comprehensive, well-known search engine on the Internet, and hasn’t stopped since.
The Obvious

1. Chrome browser – Beat out Mozilla Firefox for my favorite browser because you can complete a Google search by typing keywords in the url bar.
2. Gmail – Took over the email world, and is easy to link into Blackberry and Android smartphones.
3. Blogger – Free blogging platform.
4. Google Docs – Create and share documents with anyone, whether they are on gmail or not.
5. Picasa – An easy way to upload and share photos.
6. Groups – Create and connect with other people through invitation-only forums.
7. Connectivity – If you have a Gmail account, you can have all of your other services connected – Blogger, Docs, Picasa photos, Calendar, Groups.
8. Maps – A million times better than MapQuest, with traffic and streetview options. Google Earth lets you see the layout and street view of pretty much anywhere in the world.
9. Android Operating System for Smartphones – The operating system that is competing with the Apple OS on the iPhone. It’s great for those already familiar with Google’s services, as many of them are really easy to use on these phones.
10. Voice – Sign up for your own phone number (from any state in the U.S.) and connect up to 6 of your phone lines to ring at that one number.

The Latest

11. Google TV – Type what you want to watch into a Google search box and it will be streamed into your television. You can switch between Internet and TV without changing the input.
12. Transportation – The car that drives itself. Already testing.

The Lesser Known

13. Project 10^100 – Google awarded a total of $10 million to five projects that they believe are going to change the world.
14. 5 Core Initiatives – In January 2008, Google announced more than $25 million in grants and investments coming from Google’s founders, committing 1% of the company’s equity + 1% of annual profits to philanthropy.
15. Standing up against China – China wanted Google to censor searches. Google said no.
16. Person Finder App – Used to help people reconnect after the recent disasters in Haiti and Chile.
17. Blog – The place to find out about all of Google’s philanthropic endeavors.

For the complete list of Google products, Wikipedia has compiled them all here.

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