Some Cruel A*$hole in Paris Buried a Dog Alive. But What Matters Is the Story of His Rescue.

by Albie Hartshill Aug 10, 2015

PEDRO DINIS WAS TAKING HIS DOG FOR A WALK in a suburb outside of Paris, when he decided to take his dog a little ways off the beaten path. Then they stumbled across something horrifying: a dog that had been buried alive. “Only her head was visible and it was difficult to see given the amount of earth covering her,” Dinis wrote on Facebook.

All photos via Pedro Dinis

All photos via Pedro Dinis

Dinis and the friend he was walking with then began to dig the dog out.


As they dug, they discovered that whoever had buried the dog hadn’t merely assumed them to be dead — they’d tied the dog there with a rope first, so it couldn’t escape.


The rope was tied to a bag full of rocks which held the dog down.


As they dug, Dinis’s dog pitched in to help.


Eventually, they managed to get the dog out of the ground


They gave the dog water and took her to an animal hospital. She had been suffering from dehydration and shock, but her life is no longer at risk.


It wouldn’t seem there had been any way of tracing who had done this, but, according to the newspaper Le Parisien, the owner had put a tattoo on the dog which led the police back to him. He claimed the dog had run away, but the police didn’t believe this, as the dog is 10 years old and has arthritis, so he was charged with animal cruelty.


The dog, named Athena, is now recovering. Via Virginie Nollot

If the owner is convicted of the crime, he faces two years and prison and a fine of over $30,000. Karma’s a bitch.

h/t: The Dodo

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