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#FollowFriday: 10 Changemakers to Follow on Twitter: June 4

by Abbie Mood Jun 4, 2010
If you are one of the millions of people who use the social network called Twitter, then you probably are aware that it has become an incredible tool for creating change in our world.

This week we list 10 individuals that are working with a cause or making a difference in the world in some way.

  1. emilynuchols – Co-founder of Under Solen.  Eco warrior obsessed with morning yoga sessions, trail runs, wild places, free-flowing rivers, travel, chocolate, wine, conservation
  2. robertmcclure – Veteran journalist exploring new frontiers on investigative reporting, particularly on the environment
  3. ecovegangal – Eco-friendly, vegan, filmmaker
  4. annabrones – Co-founder of @undersolen, social media strategist + writer.  Lover of: outdoors, coffee, chocolate, francais, svenska, design, travel + everything green
  5. workcabin – Conservationist, forest owner, diehard tree planter
  6. nick_potter – Human, being.  His website,, is a place where personal learning meets social/environmental change.
  7. starfocus – Works for National Wildlife Federation.  Interests – nature, animals, nonprofits, social media technology, and life.
  8. algore – If you don’t know much about Al Gore, check out The Inconvenient Truth.
  9. randyferrell – VP of Sales for, green advertising, cause marketing, health, environment, conservation, sustainability, social responsibility
  10. MeshugAvi – Into social change, philanthropy, marketing, career search. Director of Communications and Events with @EpicChange.

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