These Infographics Show How Insane the US Is About Guns

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by Matador Creators Jun 23, 2015

MORE THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE DEVELOPED world, the United States loves its guns. The sheer amount of guns in the country means that even if most gun owners are decent, law-abiding citizens (which, for the most part, they are), there’s still going to be a ton of gun violence. Vox put together these infographics demonstrating just how many guns the US has compared to the rest of the world, and how this translates into gun deaths.


Image credit: Vox

While the most startling gun deaths to the American public are the shamefully regular mass shootings, these by no means account for most gun deaths: the majority of gun deaths by a wide margin are not actually homicides, but suicides instead.


Image credit: Vox

While gun violence has become more or less routine for Americans, in other countries — countries with fewer guns and stricter controls on their sale — this is not the case.

Via: Vox

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