Watch: The Dalai Lama Just Dissed Trump in the Nicest Way Possible

by Matt Hershberger Mar 11, 2016

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

THE AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA KEEPS asking one question that the world’s religious leaders really don’t want to answer: “What do you think about Donald Trump?” Last month, it was the Pope, who made some very mild comments which were then blown spectacularly out of proportion. This month, it’s the Dalai Lama.

The spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism was in the middle of an interview with ABC’s Dan Harris, when Harris asked: “I’m just curious if you have any views on the Presidential candidate in this country who’s making the most noise, Donald Trump.”

The Dalai Lama said, “Oh, that’s your business.” But he goes on to say, “Sometimes I feel, oh, too much personal criticism. Then I feel serious discussion about policy matter is useful. But sometimes a little bit of personal criticism looks a little bit cheap.” He goes on to explain it happens in places other than the United States, but that he thinks it’s “silly.”

Kudos to His Holiness for laying a gentle smackdown on Trump, and for doing it in the nicest, most tranquil way possible.

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