Ghana has seen a boost in tourism over the past decade or so, mostly because it’s one of the easier African nations to reach from both Europe and North America. Set along the sparkling shores of the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana has over 300 miles of coastline with plenty of laid-back, palm-filled beach towns to spend your vacation. And the capital city of Accra is just a little over an hour away by car.

Ghana is also full of history, home to the oldest European building in sub-Saharan Africa at St. George’s Castle, which dates back to 1482. It was a military fort used by Dutch and Portuguese settlers and is one of many colonial relics throughout the country. Wildlife in Ghana is abundant, too, and you’ll find all the monkeys, elephants, leopards, and hyenas you came to see in Kakum, Bia, Nini-Sushen, and Mole National Parks.