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Zanzibar is home to some of the most beautiful, most remote beaches in the world, and though its name is sometimes used as a substitute for “really, really hard to get to,” getting to Zanzibar is actually fairly easy.

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Once you’re in Dar es Salaam, it’s only a short ferry ride to the island, where you can sun yourself along the coral lagoon of Michamvi Beach or adventure under the sea at Bwejuu Beach. The island is also rich in history, offering a fascinating look at the slave trade at the Old Slave Market in Stone Town.

If you’ve only got a day to spend in Zanzibar, we’ve got a full day’s worth of suggestions for you. But if you want to spend longer, venture into the Jozani Forest and spot red colobus monkeys or the rarely-seen Zanzibari leopard. Zanzibar is also known as the Spice Island, where you can tour spice plantations and the markets and bazaars of Stone Town for the freshest spices in Africa. Don’t leave without taking the Zanzibar Prison Island tour, where you can swim through an old prison that’s been taken over…by sea turtles.

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