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North Macedonia

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In planning your travels to the Balkans, you may be confused as to whether North Macedonia is the same thing as the Republic of Macedonia, or just plain old regular Macedonia.

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The answer is yes, and no, as the country officially changed its name from Republic of Macedonia to North Macedonia to avoid confusion with the Greek region of Macedonia. Which, we’re sure now, has you all massively confused.

Now that you’ve got that settled, read on to learn about the best outdoor experiences to have in North Macedonia, like scuba diving the Bay of Bones or hiking to the top Mt. Vodno. There’s also the capital city of Skopje to explore, which in addition to being one of the best values in Europe is also full of beautiful statues. Throughout the country, you’ll find monasteries to sleep in, beautiful music, and ten-million-year-old stone pillars. But most of all you’ll find one of the most scenic landlocked countries in the world.

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