St Sava, Belgrade. Photo: Vasenka


From the Roman palace ruins of Gamzigrad to the estates of medieval noble families, Serbia knows how to preserve and celebrate its history. Still, it’s a country looking forward, with a growing resort industry and a capital city gaining notoriety for some of the best nightlife in the Balkans.

Challenge your hamstrings with a hike on Mount Šara, one of Serbia’s many peaks that rise over 2km above sea level. Or, hit the mountainous south in winter for some tip-top skiing. After a day on the mountains, chill in some mineral hot springs.

In the capital city of Belgrade, visit St Sava, the world’ biggest eastern Orthodox church. Make friends in the student square, or clear your head at a cafe in bohemian Skadarlija.

We’ll give you traveler tales, the scoop on nude beaches, and a guide to some unusual festivals… testicle cook-off, anyone?

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