Your second day in São Paulo will be more chilled out than the first, as you’ll be checking out some of the more under-the-radar local favorites. Vila Madalena and Pinheiros will be your main bases for the day, before heading out for a night of fun in Baixo Augusta.


Acai bowl from Dona Vitamina in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo: Dona Vitamina/Facebook

Pinheiros is full of great breakfast and brunch places, but Dona Vitamina is one of the best. It’s near Fradique Coutinho subway station too, so it’s easily accessible. Start your day with an açaí na tigela, açaí with banana and granola, or some of its excellent scrambled eggs.

Beco de Batman

Beco de Batman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo: Alf Ribeiro/Shutterstock

Take a walk toward Vila Madalena after breakfast, and you’ll find that Beco de Batman, the city’s most famous street for graffiti, is named after that Batman. Take some photos and enjoy a stroll down the colorful street, maybe stopping to buy a snack from one of the street vendors along the way. At the other end, stop for a coffee break at Isso é Café.

Head to Parque Ibirapuera

Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo: Ines Sacramento/Shutterstock

From Beco de Batman, catch an Uber to Parque Ibirapuera. If it’s a nice day, you can walk there through the Jardins neighborhood. It’ll take you about an hour from Isso é Café. Once you arrive at this expansive green space, stroll around the lake and stop for a pastel or two and an agua de coco from a stand for lunch. While in the park, make sure to check out the Pavilhão Japonês, a lovely Japanese-style pavilion with a tearoom and carp pond, and wander around one of the park’s museums, including the Museu de Arte Moderna and a personal favorite, the Museu Afro-Brasil.

Praça Pôr do Sol

Use Uber to get to Praça Pôr do Sol. Buy a couple of cans of beer and a bag of chips, and sit back and enjoy the sunset. Expect to hear some live guitar music playing around you, as people often bring instruments to add to the relaxing atmosphere of the square.

Dinner at Bráz Pizzaria

Pizza from Braz in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo: Bráz/Facebook

For dinner, walk 15 minutes to the Pinheiros location of Bráz’s, one of the best pizzerias in the area. Order the pão de calabresa, bread with salami, to start and follow it up with a spectacular funghi pizza. Wash this all down with a bottle of white wine. Then head to the nearby Empório Alto dos Pinheiros for a craft beer to start off your night the right way.

Get your drink on at Baixo Augusta

Drosophyla Bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo: Drosophyla Bar /Facebook

Now it’s time to head to Baixo Augusta, the section of Rua Augusta between Avenida Paulista and downtown, and get ready for a long night out. Here people from all walks of life flood the streets to enjoy their night, and you’ll definitely find the right place to suit you. Whether you’re into LGBTQ+ clubs, fancy cocktail establishments, or cheap beer bars, this area has the right combination for you. Stay here into the early hours of morning partying the night away with locals.

If you have one more day in São Paulo, be sure to check out our itinerary for day three in the city.