20 Useless Travel Gear

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Apr 9, 2010
Useless Travel Gear
Did you know you could get your very own personalized airline seat cover?

This list of 20 useless and impractical travel gadgets rounded up by Vagabondish in 2007 remains a classic and one of my favorites.

Whether it’s the “Pillowig”, a travel pillow you wear on your head like a wig or the Nordic Bearded Cap pictured above, there’s at least one item on the list guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Other items include a mobile smoking shelter hat (confused? me too, check out this link), wearable sleeping bag, a weather forecasting umbrella, a vending machine camouflage you can actually wear, and a Wi-Fi network detector t-shirt.

To view the complete list of items, click over and read Vagabondish’s Top 20 Useless Travel Gadgets piece.

And oh! to learn more about personalized airline seat covers, check out this video:

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