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5 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day

by Sarah Park Jun 17, 2009
Looking for out-of-the-ordinary gifts for extraordinary dads?

Father’s Day can be tough. Let’s face it, not all of our Dads fit into the usual aftershave/cufflink/universal remote control mold. Their colorful personalities deserve a little bit of extra thought and care when it comes to the ideal Father’s Day gift.

If you’re panicking when June 21 rolls around this year, be sure to check out these unique gift ideas selected specifically for the Dad in your life who deserves so much more than a musical necktie:

Personalized Tools

For the outdoorsy father, these hand-engraved pocket knives are both elegant and rugged.

Dennis Riegel’s vintage-inspired designs are sure to bring that always welcome cowboy touch to any tackle-box.

Dad’s Mini-Me

If the dad in your life is more of a jokester than an adventurer, you can’t go wrong with creating a miniature likeness of him in bobblehead form.

Custom Bobble can hand sculpt an exact replica of Pops all the way down to his embarrassing tattoos and his favorite shoes.

Tours and Excursions

Is your father not too into material possessions? offers experiences ranging from secret agent driving lessons to sushi rolling lessons.

Tours and excursions are offered in several locations across the United States, and range in price from the affordable – Wolf Watching at a wildlife reserve or park to the ultra fancy – Formula 1 Racecar Driving.

They even offer gift packages for recipients to choose their own adventures, grouped by price point and location.

Pocket Compasses

For the travel-lover who can’t bring himself to ever stop and ask for directions, Stanley London sells a variety of pocket compasses like this brass reproduction of an antique Mariner’s Compass.

While it may not help him find his way any quicker, it’s sure to make him feel pretty darn sophisticated as he stands bewildered on a street corner.

Beer Soap

For the beer-lover in your life, encourage personal hygiene with beer soap!

The Beer Soap Company makes soaps that double as shampoo or shave cream from a plentiful variety of ales, lagers, pilsners and stouts.

Nothing says “I love you, Dad” quite like a Guinness, right?

If these ideas don’t quite mesh with your father or baby’s daddy, share your own thoughtful gifts in the comments below!

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