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Armchair Travel: Arctic to Pacific

Saint Petersburg Helsinki Sydney
by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Apr 5, 2009
From Russia and Finland to Australia and Papua New Guinea, we’ve been hanging at extreme ends of the globe this week.

In the hilarious, off-the-wall public events in Finland article compiled by Carlo Alcos, we’re introduced to the up-and-coming sports of swamp soccer, wife carrying, and mobile phone throwing.

Via a breathtaking essay shot by Taro Taylor titled Wild Places Exposed: Papua New Guinea in Photos, we journeyed through this mysterious South Pacific island.

In Melbourne: A surprise awaits you at every turn, Carlo takes us around this laid back, down to earth yet vibrant Australian city.

Want to try couchsurfing in Petrozavodsk, Russia? Words from Russia: A Couchsurfer’s Take on its Culture also penned by Carlo is worth a read.

So if you’re thinking of island hopping around the South Pacific or exploring the vast Arctic north, check out these travel guides to whet your appetite.


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