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Armchair Travel: Olympic Fever

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Feb 20, 2010
The Winter Olympics is well underway in Vancouver…

And Matador has been covering the games with a passion.

From suggesting 6 sidetrips in British Columbia That Aren’t Vancouver or Whistler to spotlighting the eco-friendly aspects of this year’s games in Vancouver 2010: The Green Olympics, our writers have been assessing various aspects of the Olympics.

In The Dark Side of the 2010 Olympics, writer Chris Vandenberg explores issues of debt, homeless, and poverty that are increasing in Vancouver due to funds being redirected to prepare for the games.

JoAnna Haugen profiles the first (ever!) Iranian female skier to represent the country, while Candice Walsh explains how the Olympic torch promotes world peace.

Be sure to follow our focus page dedicated to all things Vancouver 2010 Olympics and check out the following DVDs to relive some of the more memorable highlights from Olympic games past.


Why do you think more people seem to be tuning in to the Winter Olympics this year? Please share below.

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