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Armchair Travel: On the Road

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Aug 1, 2009
It’s summer and we’ve been hitting the pavement Jack Kerouac-style, crisscrossing the States and other countries on four wheels.

The Matador Team started us off with the Top 7 Summer Road Trips in the US/Canada, highlighting various regional routes such as Southwest classics that take travelers through national parks as well as a Nova Scotia Loop itinerary.

You can follow Matador members and brothers, Josh & Dustin Johnson as they hit Yellowstone National Park and other iconic spots on their Montana Road Trip as well as Roads Scholar Kyle Smith as he dispatches along the way – most recently from Zion National Park.

In Roadtrip Australia, Matthew Lynch takes us through the alternative scenic drive from Melbourne to Sydney along the Sapphire Coast.

If you’re ready to hit the road, here are 8 ways to save money on a U.S. cross-country road trip.

Can’t hit the road on a long haul journey this summer? Pick up one of these books about great road trips and ride along with the authors.


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