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Armchair Travel: Study Abroad In... Chile?

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Nov 21, 2008

In Study Abroad: What Are You Waiting For?, Tanya Brothen makes the case for studying abroad in five solid points. Tim Patterson explores what it feels like to study abroad in an eco-village through an interview with Matador member Daniel Greenberg, founder of Living Routes.

Now you’re considering packing up your textbooks and heading overseas but you’re faced with so many destination choices. Why not consider Chile?

This week on Matador, we’ve also been spotlighting the South American gem that is Chile.

In 8 Natural Wonders of Chile, Julie Schwietert re-introduced us to Chile and its magnificant landscape – from the massive glaciers of Tierra del Fuego to the sweeping sand dunes of the Atacama desert.

She also reminded us that global warming is currently threatening these natural wonders in Global Warming Is Real.

Here are a few books on studying abroad and choosing Chile as a viable option.

How to Survive in the Chilean Jungle

Touted as the perfect book to “help anyone understand the Chilean people”, this book introduces Chile as a great location to study abroad in and travel within. It prepares you with the essential local slang you need to know before heading off to Chile.

Price: $19.99 | BUY

Study Abroad 101

Your ultimate introductory guide to the whole process of studying abroad. It covers topics from passport and visa issues and managing money abroad to lifestyle changes and keeping in touch with family back home.

Price: $15.25| BUY

Moon Chile: Including Easter Island

You may want to explore all the natural beauty your host country has to offer while living there so grab a comprehensive guide to Chile.

Price: $15.61 | BUY

Study Away: The Unauthorized Guide to College Abroad

This book spotlights 68 schools around the world that provide degree programs in English. It includes campus descriptions, cultural information, housing options, and other tips for making the study abroad process smoother.

Price: $11.86 | BUY

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