Download Free Travel Secrets E-Book to Donate to Charity: Water

by Michelle Schusterman May 22, 2010

Photos courtesy of Charity: Water

Posts from the Tripbase “Best Kept Travel Secrets” blog meme have been compiled into a free e-book, with Tripbase donating $1 for each e-book downloaded.

Last November, Katie Sorene of Tripbase posted her three best-kept travel secrets, along with a challenge: She nominated five other travel bloggers to do the same, with the additional nomination of five more bloggers each.

In addition to contributions from travel bloggers Rolf Potts, Harriet Baskas and Peter Greenburg, several Matadorians also shared a few of their secrets, including:

For all 500 secrets from 200 travel bloggers, check out the seven Travel Secrets E-Books, which include Family Travel, Foodie Travel, and Worldwide Beaches. For each book you download, Tripbase will donate $1 to Charity: Water, which is striving to bring clean, safe water to those in developing nations by building freshwater wells.

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