Feel Good In These Flip Flops

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Oct 20, 2009
What if you had the courage to truly follow your dreams even if it meant selling flip flops?

A staple of every backpacker and a must if you plan on venturing into shared hostel bathrooms, flip flops are usually among the top five items on any packing list for travelers. Besides the comfort they provide, they are extremely practical and work well in most situations.

For Kyle Berner, he yearned for a lifestyle that involved wearing flip flops every single day. Seeing his background in Marketing eventually leading up to a life trapped inside a cubicle, Kyle quit the rat race and moved to Thailand for a year where he wore flip flops to his heart’s content.

The concept of Feelgoodz™ was hatched when Kyle went perusing local Thai markets for a new pair of slippers and discovered that Thailand was and still is the world’s leading exporter of rubber.

Kyle’s “flops” are made from rubber harvested from tropical Yang Para trees, and they come in a variety of earthy themes: night, twilight, woods, earth, moon, clay, and cumulus. There’s also a pink Ladyslipper for (you guessed it) ladies, and a limelight slipper with a dash of lime green color. The slippers are made from 100% eco-friendly natural latex rubber and natural, non-toxic dyes.

What sets Feelgoodz™ apart is its commitment to giving back through its triple bottom-line donation model:

Feelgoodz has created a unique partnership Ashoka. Feelgoodz will use sales of our flip-flops to support Ashoka Fellows globally. We will start in Thailand, and our areas of focus are Environmentalism (Planet), Fair Trade (People), and Community Development/Micro-Finance (Phitsanulok, Thailand). See our triple bottom-line donation model below:

1. 1% for the Planet
2. 1% for the People
3. 1% for Phitsanulok (Thailand)

This means 3% of all its revenues goes to fair trade organizations, environmental organizations, and micro-lending institutions such as Kiva.

As Kyle would say, “Mai Pehn Rai”, which means “take it easy” in Thai; a philosophy the folks at Feelgoodz™ has adopted for building a “better business and healthier lifestyle”.

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