IPhone Travel Snapper Apps Part 1: Replacement Cameras

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by Paul Sullivan Dec 14, 2009
ProCamera on iPhone 3G
While Apple’s celebrated iPhone has become one of the most drooled-over objects in the mobile world, its camera has always left a little to be desired.

The new 3GS may have pumped the megapixels up to 3 (from 2) but there’s still a spectacular lack of features: no zoom, no flash, a slow shutter reaction, a relative lack of sharpness and no in-camera editing or post-processing options…these are just some of the failings.

ProCamera on iPhone 3G

Shot by author with ProCamera on iPhone

But vex not. A number of apps on the market can dramatically improve your iPhone images.

While we wouldn’t claim they will turn you into a ‘pro’ (though some people are trying their best) they can certainly get you acquainted with various ‘pro’ aspects of photography such as editing, composition and post-processing.

Obviously a lot of these apps are more novelty than anything truly creative, but we’ve road-tested and hand-picked a bunch that we think could be particularly useful for travel snappers.

Since there are literally dozens of apps please don’t yell at us if we missed any – but do feel free to mention your faves in the comments box below.


One of the ways of getting around the iPhone’s inherent limitations is to ‘replace’ it with a different system (don’t worry, your in-camera system won’t be deleted or literally replaced). There are a few on the market, but one of the best we’ve used is ProCamera (v2.5).

It has one of the best zoom systems around (5x) – one that actually feels like a zoom rather than a crop tool, and has a Steady Mode (which helps against camera shake), Composition Grids (that help you line up your shots), Timer (for self portraits, group shots etc.) and a Big Button, which turns your whole screen into a shutter.

The new features in v2.5 such as the Tilt Function (or Horizon Guide) help keep your lines straight and the video – which can be slickly initiated by shaking your phone – also help set it apart, as do the decent macro and low light / night shot results.

Price: $2.99 | BUY

CameraPlus on iPhone 3G

Shot by author with CameraPlus on iPhone

Camera Genius

Another solid app is Code Goo’s Camera Genius (v1.7), which has similar features to ProCamera (Zoom, Timer, Anti-Shake, Big Button and Timer) as well as a selection of Composition Grids (quadrants, parallels, rule of thirds) that help with composition and alignment.

There’s also a Burst Mode that lets you fire three shots in quick succession — great for capturing fast action.

The handy Camera Manual feature offers a host of quick-tips on everything from focal points and lighting to perspective and portraits.

Price: $1.99 | BUY

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