Killer Green Shower Curtains

by Michelle Schusterman Jul 1, 2009
Relaxing showers take on a whole new meaning with these shower curtains.
Green Warrior Shower Curtain

Photo courtesy of Inhabitat

You know indulging in those thirty minute, extra-steamy showers isn’t the best thing for the planet, but you just can’t help it. What you need is a little motivation to hop out of the tub, and fast.

Enter “Spiky“: A shower curtain that gives the infamous Psycho scene a run for its money in horror. (Did you think by “killer” I meant “cool”?)

Designed by artist Elisabeth Buecher, this shower curtain attacks when the pre-set timer runs out. Long plastic spikes inflate, pinning the victim against the wall; a frightening reminder to rinse out that shampoo and turn off the water.

Spiky has an even more terrifying cousin; a shower curtain that inflates, trapping you inside a suffocating plastic bubble. Hitchcock would be proud.

Green Warrior Shower Curtain

Photo courtesy of Inhabitat

Due to obvious liability reasons, these “Green Warrior” shower curtains are not available for sale, but they will be featured at the Milan Furniture Fair.

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