My Favorite Books: Member’s Pick for Week 01/11/10

by Matador Creators Jan 11, 2010
In a series here on Goods, we will be spotlighting various Matador community members and providing links to their favorite books.

Matador Member – Chris Vandenberg

Photos by Chris Vandenberg

I want to make a difference by helping those without voices to be heard, especially in issues dealing with homelessness, mental illness or drug addictions. I’ve worked and volunteered around Vancouver’s DTES and have blogged for various activist groups in the area.

I think the key is to start locally and begin expanding outwards, and through writing and blogging around the world, I hope to help bring serious issues into the mainstream.

Be sure to check out Chris Vandenberg’s Matador profile.

Favorite books: Mostly post-war “beat” lit; Naked Lunch, On the Road, etc. Also Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Prophet, Burmese Days, 1984, Into The Wild, Walden and similar


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