My Favorite Books: Member’s Pick for Week 01/31/11

by Matador Creators Jan 31, 2011
In a series here on Goods, we will be spotlighting various Matador community members and providing links to their favorite books.

Matador Member – SCSarah

Photos by SCSarah

A South Carolina girl with two New England parents, the first trip I remember was a 22 hour drive up to New Hampshire to see my grandparents. My family made the trek every year, and my brother, sister, and I, all grew up addicted to travel.

When I’m not playing the violin or teaching orchestra classes, I’m usually found on the road.

I’m looking to meet (through the Matador community) anyone friendly with a story to tell or something to teach me.

Be sure to check out SCSarah’s Matador profile.

Favorite books: The Fledgling, The Sun Also Rises, A Walk in the Woods, The Water is Wide.


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