My Favorite Books: Member’s Pick for Week 04/05/10

by Matador Creators Apr 5, 2010
In a series here on Goods, we will be spotlighting various Matador community members and providing links to their favorite books.

Matador Member – K.D. Hume

Photos by K.D. Hume

About me: A consummate water babe, foodie, bookworm, and nature enthusiast with an unfortunate tendency to be chased by angry animals, my worst fear is to be stuck in Mideast America, surrounded by angry mother bears whose cubs I sold on Ebay, and without a good Thai restaurant or bookstore for miles.

I want to make a difference by convincing the thoroughly unadventurous to become just a less afraid, and a little more adventurous.

Be sure to check out K. D. Hume’s Matador profile.

Favorite books: Good Omens, The Bone People, Animal Dreams, West with the Night, Tar Baby, Les Liaisons dangereuses, The Virgin Suicides, I Capture the Castle, The Years of Rice and Salt, Women Without Men, The Naked Tourist, East of Eden, Frankenstein


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