My Favorite Books: Member’s Pick for Week 09/28/09

by Matador Creators Sep 28, 2009
In a series here on Goods, we will be spotlighting various Matador community members and providing links to their favorite books.

Matador Member – Ms Lala

Photos by Ms Lala

I love to laugh and converse into the night with complete strangers. I cry and dance when I listen to music. I don’t let my skin color stop me from carrying a tray of brownies and crashing a party full of locals. I’m always embarrassing myself.

To me, the most attractive thing in a man is…his mind. If you can outwit me, then you got me.

Be sure to check out Ms Lala’s Matador profile.

Favorite books: Alphabet of Manliness, The Lorax, The Poisonwood Bible, Everything Is Illuminated, Musicophelia, Anthropologist on Mars, The Razors Edge, The Unbearable Lightness Of Being.


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