PrAna Mandie Hoodie for Women

by Michelle Schusterman Mar 10, 2011
Fashion-impaired editor Michelle Schusterman discovers that a hoodie can be both stylish and excellent for running from the law.

I have no sense of fashion, something that has never really bothered me. I can appreciate when someone is well-dressed, I can admire an outfit that catches my eye, but when it comes my own clothes, comfort rules all. Which is why most of my clothes are old and worn-in.

The first thing I noticed about prAna’s Mandie hoodie when I pulled it out of the bag was that it already felt worn-in. The material is soft and thin – more of a spring night hoodie than a winter morning hoodie – and clingy, but not too clingy.

And it’s pretty! I mean, in my fashion-impaired opinion. I own two other hoodies and they both came from the men’s section. Not pretty. I zipped this one up, slipped my hands in the pockets and it felt like something I’d owned for years.

I debuted my Mandie hoodie on my birthday. We went to dinner together (tacos for me, a quickly removed blop of guacamole for her), saw a show, had a few drinks. At some point I had the bright idea of taking a picture of Mandie and I in the mirror of every establishment’s bathroom I visited that evening. The result was a frightening iPhone slideshow that the world will never see.

Our evening ended when I accidentally broke into a bar. To be fair, this was technically before closing time. I pulled open the doors and started heading for the bathroom (to add to the slideshow, of course). It was a few seconds before I realized the bar was empty. And dark. I fought the urge to pull up my hood.

“Hello?” I called.

The alarm was deafening. I’m sure the surveillance video is pretty amusing; me standing there dumbly, then covering my ears and stumbling into a table in my haste to flee.

But at least I looked stylish.

Disclaimer: While I received this clothing to review at no cost from prAna, my thoughts on it are my own.

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