Staying Elegant While Traveling With Meray Arnett Bags

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Aug 26, 2010
Meray Arnett

All photos by author Lola Akinmade

To be honest, I didn’t want to review this clutch bag.

Here on Goods, we’re always on the lookout for multipurpose gear and gadgets that are stylish, practical, lightweight, and more importantly, affordable (think $100 or less). With Meray Arnett bag prices ranging between $95 and $195, I wasn’t so sure.

However, our readers range economically from budget-conscious backpackers to six-figure earners, and are willing to dole out money on high quality, eco-friendly, durable products. So I agreed to review the convertible tote (cheapest on the list) from Meray Arnett.

Meray Arnett

Meray Arnett is a designer line of lightweight and versatile handbags ergonomically designed for shoulder comfort.

Their product line includes backpacks, clutches, crossbody (messenger bags), hobos, and tote bags.

The black review copy of the clutch I received is made from a very lightweight yet very durable satin nylon material that appears to be water-resistant.

Its sexy nylon material (I could seriously run my fingers over it all day long) makes it suitable for all seasons. There are no main zippers closing the bag, only a magnetic snap closure which surprisingly seals it quite well. The clutch comes in 3 color combinations: black/white, black/grey, and beige/red.

As one would expect from custom designer brands, when it comes to top-notch quality, this attractive foldover clutch scored a couple girlie points right out of the box.

The Test
Meray Arnett

Billing itself as a convertible bag “perfect” for travelers that turns into a tote for daytrips to cafés and a clutch for latenight partying, I stuffed its tote-side with a few magazines and other items one would trek around a city with for a day.

Its two inner and outer pockets are just large enough to fit ID cards, a small Moleskin journal, and other items like lipgloss, money, and chewing gum.

As a tote, it’s large enough to fit a small compact camera, a novel, a journal, and other daytripping supplies such as snacks, but not large enough to comfortably fit magazines.

When I think “tote bag”, I think “big enough for newspapers and magazines.” As an cute clutch purse, it scored high marks.

As a tote? Not so much and I’ll explain why later on below.

What I Loved

The foldover clutch is a sexy product. Plain and simple. Its elegance coupled with featherlightness (it barely adds weight to your luggage) makes it such an attractive accessory for those of us who like to keep our sense of personal style (translation -> stay fab) while traveling.

Room for Improvement

While the width of the clutch is more than sufficient, its height as a tote doesn’t work well for storing and concealing items larger than paperbacks, such as travel magazines which many travelers tend to pick up on the road. Making the clutch a bag that actually folds over twice might address this.

The Bottom Line

Would I realistically travel with this bag? Absolutely.

Besides being cotton-candy light (well, relatively) and chic, it can be used in different ways to suit different occasions, and would make a sweet gift for a female traveler you know (guaranteed).

And like buying a sturdy Samsonite suitcase, I’m willing to dole out money for long-lasting quality.

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