Twitter Contest: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Feb 25, 2011
Adobe Lightroom 3

Photo by author.

As part of Matador’s Twitter contests, we’re spotlighting cool gear to give away to lucky readers.

My love affair with Lightroom began at first sight, and it remains my photo processor of choice. Easily swayed by attractive looking software, I was taken in by Lightroom’s elegant dark gray interface before ever clicking a button. Without cracking open its accompanying user guide, I was able to muddle my way intuitively through it; using it to organize and catalog thousands of photographs.

Lightroom also provides some solid processing tools which allow me to easily optimize my photographs: from correcting white balance, tone, and contrast, to black-and-white conversions, noise, blemish, sharpness, and lens correction, and a ton more features.

And where Lightroom truly shines for me is its ability to produce pretty slick looking photo galleries for the web with the click of a button; making it an ideal platform for photographers who want to quickly share work in various mediums (including exporting to Flickr and other third-party stock sites) with minimal effort.

Quick overview
Adobe Lightroom 3

Lightroom is divided into 5 main easy-to-navigate tabbed sections:

Library – This section allows you to import, export, group, and organize your photographs into catalogs and collections. You can also do some basic photo editing such as white balance and exposure correction, as well as add more metadata about each photograph.

Develop – This is the heavy-duty post-processing section that comes with a lot of tools which allow you to transform an otherwise average image into a potential award-winning shot with a few button clicks.

Slideshow – Here, you can create self-running slideshows which can be exported as movies or PDF files.

Print – From passport-sized photos to posters, you can lay out your photograph using this Print module and can print in various sizes. Current settings also depend on what your printer can support, but you can certainly set up print pages and potentially export to whatever print size layout you want.

Web – This section allows you to create professional-looking galleries for the web. You can choose which layout you want – HTML-based or Flash-based – and can control quality, size, watermarking, and other export settings.

Price: $299.00 | If you’re an aspiring or professional photographer, you might want to enter this one as we’re giving away five (5) copies of Adobe Lightroom 3.

And our winners are…

Rebecca – @rebecca_arnold
Amy – @zimmeramy
Aashi – @AashiAIW
Abhijit – @abhijit_gupta
MaryAnne – @koangirl

Congratulations! We will be contacting you shortly regarding your free copy of Adobe Lightroom 3.0.

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