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by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Dec 29, 2009
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Admit it.

You’ve already started planning your 2010 travel schedule.

Well, we’ve got the perfect handy guidebook to help you out. New from the widely popular TV travel series, Globe Trekker, comes a month by month compilation of solid travel suggestions that ultimately answer the question…”When is the best time to go where?”

The ultra lightweight Year Book designed to literally fit in your pocket packs in a ton of travel tips sprinkled with vivid photography throughout for its teeny, weenie size.

The Lowdown

Each month starts with a summary of suggested activities in various countries such as marveling at the Aurora Borealis in Tromsø, Norway in January or heli-hiking to the Fox Glacier in New Zealand in September.

Where the Year Book truly shines is that it breaks down recommended activities into three categories to suit the varying tastes of travelers:

For the party animal, the “Party the Planet” section lists various festivals and celebrations going on during your month of choice.

The Great Outdoors takes more intrepid travelers through adventurous activities such as desert treks, whitewater rafting, and mountain hikes.

Looking to bask under sunlight for hours? Sun, Sea, and Sand will introduce you to world-class snorkeling and scuba diving destinations in addition to relaxing island life.

For those wondering where to go and what to do in any random month, here’s an excerpt for May:

Take off to Africa for an epic trek across the spectacular Dogon Escarpment in Mali….Kick off safari season where four eco systems in Chobe National Park, Botswana.

Feel like a fiesta? Then head off to Mexico for the Battle of Puebla festivities – make merry like a mariachi and celebrate history and heritage and all this Mexican.

Viva el Cinco de Mayo!

Each monthly section is then wrapped up with “Get a Taste” which features international cuisine recipes from Pilot Productions’ travel food shows such as the recipes for Tom Yum Soup in May from Planet Food Thailand and Vanilla-Lime Flan in February from Planet Food Mexico.

The Year Book also lists useful websites such as tourism boards and online resources which tie right back to preceding travel recommendations


As many sights and landmarks are closed during holidays, the book outlines public holidays in major travel hotspots to guide your planning. Additional resources include a chart listing countries, their capital cities, dial in area code, currency, and time difference (+ or – GMT). GlobeTrekker’s TV presenters also share portrait shots and random quotes to round out the Year Book — an excellent start for planning out your travels in the upcoming year.

Best part?

We’re giving away two copies of Globe Trekker’s Year Book.


and @oldbay3

We will be sending each of them a copy of GlobeTrekker’s Year Book.

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