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10 Reasons I'm Proud to Be From Finland

by Tiina Kokki Jan 18, 2017

1. We’re pretty smart.

Finland is one of the top countries on the quality of education; in 2015 we were placed 5th on PISA ranking for OECD countries.
Education all the way up to higher university degrees is free, and we get to play a lot while we learn relevant subjects taught by the highest-educated teachers in the world.

2. Gender equality

No country is perfect on this, but we’ve got a whole generation of kids who were surprised after the 2012 election that a man could become a president.

3. Our nature is amazing.

Our cities have the cleanest air and nature is easily accessible from anywhere in the country.

4. We also like to keep our nature amazing.

We recycle everything. There’s a bin for glass, metal, paper, cardboard, plastic, biodegradables, batteries… Compared to many other western countries, we live in a real eco bubble here, where everyone is involved in keeping the planet safe.

5. We have great teeth.

Not due to great dental care (nothing wrong with it either, it’s just a tad pricey) but because we include to every meal at least one piece of bread that, if thrown against a wall, would surely make a large hole in it.

6. We embrace silence.

A friendship is best measured by the ability to comfortably spend time together without talking.

7. We’re strange — and proud of it.

Sauna, ice-swimming, wife carrying, Nordic walking, the world’s worst small talk. We do it, and we love it.

8. Santa Claus

Santa has a cosy house (or a few) up in Korvatunturi, Lapland. Do not try to tell us that Santa is from the North Pole — It will get you in trouble here.

9. Our language is awesome.

We do eat jauhelihamakaronilaatikkoand and go äitienpäivälahjaostoksille for Mother’s day gifts. And the best of all, cheers in Finnish is Hölkynkölkyn.

10. We’re very straight forward.

You want to ask us a question? Expect an answer. Finns tend not to tiptoe around any subject. You will most likely know exactly where you stand in their lives. If not, just ask. No games played, just full on honesty.

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