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10 Things You Become Addicted to in Dallas

Dallas-Fort Worth
by Celine Lingelser May 28, 2015

1. Eating BBQ at the Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum

You don’t know what a good BBQ is until you try one at Pecan Lodge. You will get addicted for life to their baby back ribs, brisket, pulled pork, steaks and sausages.

2. The Katy Trail

Whenever you feel like getting active, you can catch a tiny glimpse of the Californian lifestyle on the Katy Trail. Hundreds of people walk, run, rollerblade, or skateboard there every day. Sure, it is not exactly the same as walking or running along the ocean, but seeing all these active people around always makes me feel a little more dynamic.

3. Dog watching and a Deep Bowl at Company Café

This is a fun way of spending any Sunday morning in Dallas. Better yet, do all that after a good jogging, since the restaurant’s patio is right on the Katy Trail.

4. Rodeos, saloons, and cowboys stuff.

With Fort Worth just an hour-drive away, all of cowboy culture is available to you. A few times a year, my friends and I like to head to the other side of the DFW Metroplex to watch the cattle drive, enjoy a rodeo, listen to country music in a saloon, and even try line dancing.

5. Taking “BIG” pictures.

“Big things happen here”, says the motto of the city… and as you walk down the streets, you get to be a part of it. You can show just how BIG you are, by posing as a proud letter “I” in between two huge blue “B” and “G”. Those two letters are displayed all around town, and their location keeps changing, so you can start a real scavenger hunt in all Dallas areas to find them all and get your picture taken. I already have a pretty large collection of those BIG pictures, and I will keep adding on.

6. Klyde Warren Park

Constructed right on top of a highway, Klyde Warren Park is to Dallas what Central Park is to New-York City. Okay, just a little smaller… I quickly got addicted to this green oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. And I love that the park offers so many free activities: yoga, boot camp, Zumba, tai-chi, concerts, architectural tours, you name it!

7. Being watched by the giant eyeball downtown

You may feel a little awkward the first time you turn around the street downtown and find yourself in front of a 30-foot eyeball resting on the grass between two buildings. But you will eventually think it is really cool to feel observed by a giant during your whole brunch at the CBD Provisions restaurant.

8. Live concerts on the grass.

From spring to fall, music fans of the city can enjoy live concerts at the Fair Park’s Genexa Energy Pavilion. Tickets are cheap, and you can listen to your favorite artists comfortably lying on the grass with your blanket, your beer can, and your hot dog. No better way to spend a good evening with your friends in Dallas.

9. Watching the Dallas skyline change colors.

You soon get addicted to the festival of colors that the city offers. You don’t always know it in advance, so it is kind of fun to be on the highway, heading downtown, to discover all the sudden that the Bank of America tower is purple instead of its traditional green.

10. Chips & salsa

Detail, sure…but what a delicious habit! There are so many Tex-Mex restaurants in Dallas that you quickly get addicted to being served this little snack along with your drink order.

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