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10 Ways Locals Know You're Definitely Not From Detroit

by Nicole Sunderland Sep 2, 2016

1. You refer to Detroit as “the D”.

2. You’re afraid of 8 Mile – a road that goes through many cities – but your fear is sparked from a movie and no real criminal action against yourself.

3. You don’t know that U-turns aren’t acceptable. We take Michigan lefts!

4. You settle for just any ole’ piece of pizza, when you should be heading to Buddy’s ,the best square pizza in town.

5. You hate hockey – as if that was a possibility living among the greatest hockey team with back to back Stanley Cup championships.

6. You don’t know the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan scandal that took place inside the city 20+ years ago. Honestly, who could forget the ‘whack attack’ heard around the globe?

7. You talk down about the city. Even though it has had its share of tough times, the citizens are proud of the city they have maintained and want to continue its growth.

8. Your favorite thing to do is to leave the city for another. Detroit has it all and leaving it constantly only proves you don’t reside in it.

9. You don’t know who Kwame Kilpatrick is – a young mayor elected in Detroit to help the city prosper but ended up with 24 federal charges against him for mishandling federal funds, bribery, racketeering, and so much more. He stole from the citizens and if you aren’t upset, you aren’t paying attention.

10. You don’t know that you can get into the DIA any day with your I.D for free for being a citizen.

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