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11 Funniest Expressions People Say in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Student Work Languages
by Tyler McCloskey Sep 10, 2015

1. Pittsburghers don’t call you “nosy”…they call you “nebby.”

The security guard at Heinz Field got all nebby in my bag!

2. Pittsburghers don’t say “your zipper’s down”…they say “Kennywood’s open!”

3. Pittsburghers don’t say “thorn bushes”…they say “jaggerbushes or jaggers.”

4. Pittsburghers don’t call you a “jerk”…they call you a “jagoff.”

You see that driver pull a crazy Pittsburgh left? That jagoff’s gonna hurt someone.

5. Pittsburghers don’t say “you’re right” or “that’s a wrap”…they say “That’s it, Fort Pitt!”

You see Mazeroski’s home run in the 60s World Series against the Yankees? That’s it, Fort Pitt!

6. Pittsburghers don’t “clean up”…they “reddup.”

If you want to go to Klavon’s for ice cream, you better reddup your room.

7. Pittsburghers don’t waste time saying “and that”…they say “n’at”

Yinz wanna go to the Polish Hill Arts Fest? Get some pierogies, huluski, kielbasa n’at?

8. Pittsburghers don’t call their football team “The Steelers”…they say “The Stillers.”

9. Pittsburghers — especially Stillers fans — don’t exclaim “Oh, wow!” at an amazing play…they yell “Yoi, yoi, double yoi!”

The late and great Myron Cope — Pittsburgh Stillers sportscaster, inventor of the Terrible Towel and Pittsburgh personality at large — came up with this expression. Any time there was an outstanding play or hard hit on the field, Cope would exclaim Yoi! If it was especially spectacular or exciting, it warranted the double, triple, or even quadruple yoi. A drinking game was even popularized around the frequency of this expression during live games.

10. You never go “downtown” in Pittsburgh…you go “dahntahn.”

11. Pittsburghers don’t say “y’all/you’z/you all”…they say “yinz.”

Yinz wanna check out the rooftop biergarten at Hotel Monaco in dahntahn?

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