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11 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Sacramento

by Kayla Webb Sep 2, 2016

The ‘T’ is hella silent.

It’s Sacramen-no, not Sacramen-to. And yeah, hella is also a part of your vocabulary.

When it comes to sports the only definitive is the Kings.

YOU LOVE THE KINGS. But that is probably the only sports-related thing you have in common with the rest of Sacramento. Because we don’t have an NFL, MLB, or NHL team, there are many different sports fans. And as long as you don’t hate on the Kings, you can root for whoever you want for the Superbowl or the World Series.

You love trees.

There are a lot of other places in California that weirdly don’t have any trees. While you wondered as a kid why Sacramento is known as the City of Trees, after traveling around, you no longer take the blissful shady foliage for granted.

You know where you’re loyalty lies for frozen desserts.

You’re aware of the rivalry between Gunther’s, Leatherby’s and Vic’s and have a favorite. You know if your taste buds are feeling classy, Ginger Elizabeth’s is a must for a macaron ice cream sandwich, and you head to The Parlor for ice-cream filled doughnuts and Vampire Penguin is your favorite spot for spunky shaved ice.

On the topic of food, you don’t have a burrito-only food discrimination.

Unlike the rest of California who only seems to eat burritos, you have an extensive food pallet and revel in the limitless food adventures thanks to living in the Farm-to-Fork capitol.

You cannot leave your house without seeing at least one person you know.

Even if you’re on a quick grocery store run for a missing ingredient you’re guaranteed to run into a random classmate from kindergarten.

Suburb life is your life.

Sure Sacramento is technically a city, but you’ve always referred to San Francisco as the city. While at times suburb life felt monotonous and unexciting, poking fun of the quirks of your friends’ suburbs never grew old.

You’re Sacramento’s best tour guide.

Whenever a friend or relative comes to town you know instantly where to take them and what stories to tell. On your way to Sutter’s Fort you entertain your guests with tales of dressing up like a pioneer and panning for gold in elementary school. As you walk around Old Sac you point to the glimpses of the river and allude to tomorrow’s rafting plans. You have your guests stand on the lawn of the State Capitol Building and admire the architecture that epitomizes the importance of Sacramento to the rest of California. You point in the general direction of Sac State and name drop Tom Hanks as an alumnus. You may not always appreciate Sacramento, but anytime anyone visits you love to show off your city.

You have low cold tolerance.

No matter what anyone else says, you think sixty degrees is very cold and are not afraid to wear your sweaters and jackets at the first signs of winter. You also remember the great snow storm of 2002. Okay, maybe it wasn’t a storm per se, but it did snow!

You will always love Sacramento.

Even though you complain and sometimes agree that Sacramento is a boring cowtown, you still love and defend your city. And at the end of the day, you will always enjoy watching the sun set over the golden dead grass and being able to see the stars hanging over the small downtown skyline.

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