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11 Signs You've Been Away From Reno Too Long

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by Jordyn Coffin Apr 14, 2015

1. The only rodeo you have seen since you left involves your kids, a jump rope, and the neighbor’s dog.

2. You’ve almost forgotten how to skin a rattlesnake.

3. You would give away your first born for the opportunity to get up on a chilly September morning at 4am and sit in the wet grass, wrapped up in a comforter, to watch Dawn Patrol.

4. You try in vain to find a sound machine that has a call of the coyote.

5. You threaten to throat punch every person that pronounces it Nev-AH-da. It’s Nev-AD-a.

6. You creep your friends out when they ask where you want to grab a drink and you say “bucket of blood.”

7. You get overtly frustrated at the lack of slot machines at the grocery store. Where are you supposed to put your loose change?

8. You start referring to things in your everyday life as the Biggest Little. Your husband will not be amused.

9. You refuse to go work or school on October 31, because you reserve your right to celebrate Nevada Day. Battle born, yo!

10. You’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to breathe fresh, crisp mountain air. Yeah, that’s a real thing.

11. You almost forget that seeing the stunning pink, orange, and purple of a dessert sunset as you drive back into Reno will literally take your breath away. Welcome home.

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