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12 Things Everyone From Maryland Takes for Granted

by Nia Davis Aug 5, 2016

Trips to the Southwest waterfront along the Potomac for live, blue crabs.

This was followed by backyard fold-up tables covered in yesterday’s Post littered with crabs turned a reddish-orange from steaming. The sun beamed down on you as you attempted to simultaneously master the wooden child-sized mallet and keep visions of clawing crabs from dancing in your head.

Being able to explore the Smithsonian museums on a Sunday morning and be back in Maryland in time for brunch at Mrs. K’s Tollhouse in SiIver Spring.

If you want to explore the District, DC is only a border line away from central Maryland and less than 40 minutes from Baltimore.

Crab cakes and fries.

Arguably second best to actually cracking open the blue-hued crustaceans, these are a local delicacy made from jumbo lump crab meat (boiled not fried) and topped with Old Bay seasoning. A handful of fries tossed with the same seasoning is sooooo Maryland.

Going sailing in Annapolis.

You can literally sit on the dock of the Bay while watching yachts and ferries go by or hitch a ride on a sail boat just seconds away from the U.S. Naval Academy, after exploring historic Annapolis during the day.

Being able to get a filet-o-fish sandwich and medium fries from McDonald’s without completely clogging my arteries in the future.

In 2007, Montgomery County, MD became the first jurisdiction to ban trans fats from all restaurants, supermarket bakeries and delis. This means that I can eat with less guilt and I can’t taste any difference. I always wonder why other areas are still slow to the movement.

AFI Silver Theatre.

This historic theater first opened in 1938 and was rebuilt in 2003. It’s home to classic and independent films and hosts Latin and European film festivals. The main theater hosts major films in an old school set up, before stadium seating, and you can watch a movie while sipping wine from a plastic cup.

Baltimore Orioles.

I don’t think locals completely take their winning baseball team for granted. Still, when the Washington Nationals moved in to town, some went over to the other side.

The number of services we provide to both documented and undocumented immigrants.

Maryland is a mostly progressive state (despite our current Republican governor).  Our immigrant programs are some of the most progressive in the country, especially in my hometown of Montgomery County.

Chesapeake Bay cutting through the state North to South.

It gives us blue crabs and a source of calm.

Injera and lentil sambusas.

“Little Ethiopia” on Wayne and Georgia Avenues in Silver Spring is a foodie haven. I grew to love Ethiopian food in my college days spending weekends at my Ethiopian roommate’s house sitting around the kitchen table, the faint smell of spices permeating my nostrils.

How everything revolves around Baltimore Inner Harbor.

Let’s face it: the harbor is Baltimore City.  In fact, unless you’re going to an Orioles game, you can be forgiven if you venture out to lesser known parts. You can take ferries across the harbor as well as tour boats and dinner cruises, while checking out the city’s history and Under Armour factory. On weekends the shops and seafood restaurants are background to impromptu street performers.

Hiking in Great Falls while watching strangers brave the rapids in a boat.

Listening to the sound of rushing water over rocks as it heads downstream, hiking along the trails with a never-ending view of the waterfalls.

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