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12 Ways You'll Be Stereotyped for Living in Hoboken

by Stephanie Vermillion Jul 29, 2016

1. We don’t live in the city, and therefore, we’re lame.

“Hoboken’s where you go when you can’t take the city anymore,” That’s what a friend told me last week. Ehrmm… No? We have more bars per capita than NYC, so while it may be smaller and quieter, you better believe the fun continues on Washington Street and beyond.

2. We’re Big Apple tourists.

For some reason, New Yorkers just can’t grasp how close Hoboken really is. The second you tell someone you live across the river, you get unnecessary sympathy stares and tips and advice for conquering the Big Apple — the city you spend pretty much every day in. But hey, it’s not all bad: Sometimes that weary, tired Hoboken traveler card can turn into a free drink.

3. We turned Hoboken into HoBROken.

Step off the PATH train any weekend night, and you’re instantly surrounded by high fives and loud, incoherent rants from Hoboken’s bro population. Very few of those bros are actually Hoboken locals, though. But us locals still end up getting a bad rap because sometimes, yeah, they’re here.

4. We act like the cast of the Jersey Shore.

Is Hoboken in New Jersey? Yes. Does that mean all of its residents resemble the Jersey Shore? Um, no. But sadly most out-of-towners hear Jersey and immediately think of Snooks and the Situation, giving Hobokenites the unfortunate “so Jersey” stereotype — even though a good chunk of city residents are transplants. (And even the Jersey natives rarely mirror The Situation!)

5. We must know how to party.

Yeah, yeah. Hoboken does have more than 100 bars within one square mile, so the “partier” stereotype is fair. But don’t confuse partiers with drunken fools, because most residents above the age of 25 know how to handle their booze. (I repeat: *most.*)

6. We’re all Italian.

For many years, the majority of Hobokenites were Italian — that’s why the Hoboken Italian Festival has been a staple for 90 years — but today, the Mile Square City is really a melting pot of cultures — that, thankfully, continues to serve its incredible Italian cuisine.

7. Our moms are hotter than yours.

Hoboken is a popular spot for young families. It’s clean, safe and quieter than the Big Apple. And, given the city is all about fitness and fashion, Hoboken’s “hot mom” stereotype is pretty spot-on.

8. We’re overly loud.

Back to the whole Jersey Shore thing, not only do people think you’re a long lost relative of the cast members, they also think you’re just plain loud. While sure, our town may cause more ruckus than its suburban counterparts, should we really blame the state of New Jersey? I blame the alcohol.

9. We’re all a bunch of yuppies.

Friday rooftop happy hours. Saturdays at the farmers market. Sundays at spin. Cold brews at Bwe. And brunch. Oh, the brunch. Some may say this weekend routine symbolizes all things yuppy but here, it’s home sweet Hoboken. And we don’t care what you have to say.

10. We hate slow drivers.

Visit Hoboken during rush hour, and you’ll quickly learn this stereotype is fact. We don’t have any patience for slow drivers, and we definitely don’t have time for people blocking intersections. Don’t tempt us — we’ll honk!

11. We all have summer houses on the Shore.

Sadly, this one’s false. While we all do visit the Shore because it’s a quick train or car ride away, many of us can barely afford rent here — let alone by the beach.

12. Our skin is thick.

Hoboken has dealt with a lot over the years — Hurricane Sandy, debilitating blizzards and the good ol’ annual water main break — so it’s no wonder our skin is thicker than most. Just don’t push Hobokenites too far, because one wrong jab at the Giants can cause instantaneous cursing and chaos.

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