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13 Differences Between a Normal Friend and a Friend in Love

by El equipo de MatadorES Feb 14, 2015
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A normal friend believes people have faults and virtues.
A friend in love experiences selective blindness toward the loved one’s faults.


When talking with a normal friend, he or she enjoys discussing several issues they feel passionate about.
With a friend in love, the topic of conversation is one.


A normal friend mocks PDA.
A friend in love is the first one to display PDA…in your face.


While traveling, a normal friend buys some last-minute souvenirs on the last day of the trip: something for their coworkers and friends, a little memento for the family.
A friend in love spends every single day of the trip looking for cute presents for his or her “honey-bunny.”


A normal friend has a relatively well-defined musical taste.
A friend in love slowly gives in to the musical preferences of the loved one, and ends up with insanely eclectic playlists. Then there’s that horrible obsession with dedicating songs to each other.


A normal friend criticizes Valentine’s Day as a marketing strategy.
A friend in love is one other piece in the pink-heart mass production chain, resembling good Chaplin in Modern Times.


A normal friend might call you for your b-day, when in need of help, or simply when he or she is bored and “wants to do something.”
A friend in love calls you…never.


A normal friend complains about people using couples’ photos as profile pictures.
A friend in love spends hours figuring out which pic better portrays their mutual love for all the world to see.


A normal friend won’t remember your phone number even after 15 years of friendship.
A friend in love not only memorizes the phone number of their better half in two days, but also the office number, the parent’s address, the day and time of birth.


For a normal friend, even slightly corny things are already disgusting.
A friend in love speaks in such a weird mellow way you start believing he or she needs a speech therapist. Sentences are suddenly full of cute nicknames, including animals, food, foreign language diminutives, and combinations of all of the above.


A normal friend rationalizes romantic relationships as the result of coincidences, odds, personality match, common interests, amongst many other things we don’t begin to understand.
A friend in love is certain “it was meant to be.”


A normal friend pays attention when you talk.
A friend in love tries really hard to do so, but fails: he or she is unable to focus on any conversation that doesn’t involve their object of desire.


A normal friend might loose their patience with you when you become the mono-thematic “friend in love.”
A friend in love will not only let us talk for hours about our desired object — even if they’re incapable of really listening… A friend in love is the best adviser for dealing with this addiction called “being in love.”

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