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13 Differences Between a Normal Mom and a Greenlandic Mom

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by Tina Egede Nov 2, 2015

1. A normal mom reads you an innocent fairytale bedtime story.

A Greenlandic mom reads you spirit stories such as the qivittoq, the person who leaves the community and becomes part of the nature in order to gain powers. Some gain speed. Some can change into an animal. There are even some who can disappear. And then she’ll tell you they still exist.

2. A normal mom will encourage you to have a decent education and a good career.

A Greenlandic mom will be more than happy if you learn how to fish AND hunt.

3. A normal mom will comb your hair and put it up in a casual ponytail.

A Greenlandic mom will forcefully do your hair in Dutch hairstyle. She will make sure it’s so tight that not one single hair is left out.

4. A normal mom exercises and watches her diet.

A Greenlandic mom would never throw away the fat of the seal. She knows that’s the best part for dinner.

5. A normal mom will ask for your help with cleaning.

A Greenlandic mom will let you do all the cleaning, wash the dishes and even take out the toilet bag if you live in an area of Greenland that doesn’t have a sewer system attached to your house.

6. A normal mom will drive you or walk you to your school.

A Greenlandic mom goes to work from 8 til 4 and lets you figure out how to get there on your own.

7. A normal mom buys nicely cut and cleaned fish at the supermarket.

A Greenlandic mom will take out a salmon from the freezer she caught last summer and start cutting.

8. A normal mom teaches you how to ride a bike.

A Greenlandic mom teaches you how to drive a boat.

9. A normal mom will stay with you and take care of you when you’re sick.

A Greenlandic mom will go to work and know you can take care of yourself.

10. A normal mom makes sure you eat vegetables and fruits.

A Greenlandic mom only cares that you eat enough seal, reindeer, musk ox and salmon meat.

11. A normal mom will teach you to be kind to others and not to judge or gossip.

A Greenlandic mom will teach you the same, but then trash talk others at family gatherings.

12. A normal mom will show you how to ski and will be by your side until you get the hang of it.

A Greenlandic mom will show you once and expect you to learn on your own.

13. A normal mom will worry about you traveling and check up on you frequently.

A Greenlandic mom trusts you are being safe out there in the world.

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