13 Signs You Grew Up in Sydney in the 80s

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by Jaye Bailey Nov 15, 2015

1. Saturday night was spent flicking channels between Hey Hey It’s Saturday and Young Talent Time — but you always watched the end of YTT, with Johnny Young and the cast singing “All My Loving.”


2. Every year you went to the Easter Show with your family — at Moore Park not Homebush.

The Bertie Beetle show bag was just a dollar, and your parents didn’t have to re-mortgage the house to afford admission.

3. For five hours on a Saturday morning you were glued to the Early Bird Show, and your favourite episode was when Marty the Monster was attacked by a kangaroo live on air.

4. You often wondered why Humphrey B Bear wore a waistcoast but no pants, and why Fat Cat wore braces but no shirt.


5. School excursions went to only three places: Old Sydney Town, Captain Cook’s Landing, or The Rocks.

6. Christmas holidays were spent at the beach with zinc on your nose, surf mat under your arm, and your mum chasing you trying to reapply sunscreen.

7. You wished you and your family would be chosen for It’s a Knockout — even though you knew your Dad would be highly embarrassing on TV.

8. The Easter Hat Parade would be endured sitting on the asphalt, sporting an egg carton on your head that your mum made and being paraded around so your mum could take photos.

9. Birthday cakes were made by your mum, and always from the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book.

You were stoked when your mum made the pool cake with the jelly centre.

10. In summer you either smelt of chlorine or saltwater due to hours spent in a pool or the ocean.

But you hated the 20-minute rule — waiting 20 minutes after eating before getting back in the water.

11. Weeknights were spent watching A Country Practice, Home and Away, and Neighbours.

Everyone wanted to be Charlene and date Scott, and we all wanted to live in Summer Bay.

12. Going to Australia’s Wonderland with your mates was the ultimate.

You’d start off riding the Bush Beast, and then convince yourself you were ready for the Pirate Ship. If it was a hot day you’d just keep lining up for the Snowy River Rampage.

13. The coolest birthday parties were at McDonald’s, wearing a Ronald McDonald paper hat and stuffing your face with cheeseburgers.

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