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13 Ways You Know You've Become Culturally Argentine

by Daniel Tunnard Oct 23, 2014

1. In any WTF situation, your thumb, index, and middle finger automatically unite and rise.

2. In any food situation, your hand and the salt shaker automatically meet.

3. In any drinking situation, you ensure your glass chinks every single glass in the room, AND you do that annoying eye-contact thing.

4. You no longer think fernet tastes like de-icer.

5. You’re never sure how to greet non-Argentines of the same sex and inevitably use too much bodily contact.

6. You understand that beeping the horn nonstop is an integral part of any driving experience.

7. You no longer think Día del Amigo is on par with Valentine’s Day for stupid pointless commercialism.

8. You actually tell your mom and dad that you love them. Seriously.

9. You have no problem with drinking Quilmes.

10. You’re suspicious of policemen, even if they’re the same color as you.

11. If a woman, you ignore football entirely for three years and 11 months and then get extremely shouty and screamy for four weeks and annoy the shit out of everyone.

12. It no longer phases you to start making dinner at 11pm.

13. You consider punctuality an Anglo-Saxon absurdity.

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