1. Mexico: Pregnant women should not be exposed to moonlight, and should wear a metal key around their neck.

2. Meanwhile in India: During eclipses, women shouldn’t touch anything metal at all, not even door handles.

3. China: Cold stuff is a no-go.

4. Vietnamese/Chinese: No lamb, and no tiny bananas. And prepare to stay put for a long time.

5. Mexico: Give into everything you crave or pay the price.

6. Meanwhile with an Arab background: Do not give into cravings or the baby will get a birthmark shaped like it. Also, no looking at rabbits.

7. Meanwhile in Egypt: Give into all cravings or else the baby will have a handicap. PS: Coca-Cola will give the baby weak bones.

8. Mexican-American: No funerals.

9. Korea: Hang chilis to ward off evil spirits, no cold water, and no baby-breath stealing cats.

10. Native-American: No hair cuts.

11. Kazakhstan: Also no hair cuts, along with no fish.

12. Taiwan: No touching pregnant women on the shoulder.

13. Philippines: Do not raise the roof — ever. The baby will get tangled.

14. In Hawaii, USA: Pregnant women shouldn’t wear loops around their necks.