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14 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Grand Rapids, MI

by Macey Hallstedt Dec 5, 2016

1. To natives, it’s not “Grand Rapids”. It’s GR, G-Rap, Grap City, or if you’re feeling especially lazy or nostalgic, “the 616.”

2. You love ArtPrize and have definitely spent a date night or two wandering around. If you work downtown, you hate ArtPrize.

3. “Where’s your cottage?” The most common answers were either “South Haven,” “Grand Haven,” or “Up North.”

4. You have taken dance photos at the Blue Bridge. If not, you have at least taken some cute photos there in normal clothes.

5. Feeling nostalgic? First stop Yesterdog. Then Jersey Junction.

6. You felt cool and did a lot of your important growing up at The Intersection.

7. Ever had a date during winter time? You probably went ice skating at Rosa Parks circle.

8. You did or you know someone who was really into smoking weed at Seidman Park.

9. You or someone you know has taken their senior pictures on train tracks or near the Ada covered bridge.

10. Griffins games.

11. No matter what your rivalry is…. (Forest Hills Northern vs Forest Hills Central, Grand Rapids Christian against Catholic Central, etc), everyone can agree about hating East Grand Rapids.

12. When you grow up and move away and feel a burst of pride whenever you notice Founders brew at any bar.

13. You have way too many friends whose last names begin with “Van-“ or end in “-sma”.

14. You feel like you had THE most idyllic childhood. Grand Rapids is the perfect mix of lake life and urban life, suburbs and civilization.

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