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14 Slang Exclamations We Use in Malaysia (and How to Use Them)

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by Lee Wei Xin Jun 23, 2016

1.Gila, Gila Babi

We use this to step up the intensity of an adjective, kind of like how in English you can use “super” and then “super duper”.

For example, there are 3 level of hot (panas) weather in Malaysia: panas, Panas Gila (crazily hot) and Panas Gila Babi (pig crazy hot).

2. Walao, ngaiti, ngaisat

We use this to express frustration or surprise. Basically, a replacement for “OMG” or “What the f*ck”.

Example: Walao! Petrol price increase again!

3. Syok!

Love an experience? Then “Syok” is the word you need to use. Stress it big time in the sentence.

Example: The party yesterday SYOK ah I tell you!

4. Izzit/ Ye ka?

Don’t be confused, we are not in doubt when we say “izzit“. Instead, we are completely amazed.

I won the gold medal in basketball!
You reply: Izzit!

5. Wei/ Eh/ Dei/ Macha

That’s how we call our close friends instead of their actual names.

Example: Macha, long time no see!

6. Gone case/Mampus/Si liao/GG/Pok kai

Use any of these when you are really in trouble.

Example: Si liao, I haven’t done my homework!

7. Fuyoh/Aiseh

When we start a sentence with these, we are definitely impressed by something.

Example: Fuyoh, your drawing looks amazing!

8. Kanasai

It means “just like shit”.

Example: Internet is so slow here, Kanasai!

9. Lah

There are no explanation for that one. Use this anywhere and everywhere you feel like. We just use it to “add flavor” to our sentences. There’s no such thing as overdoing it.

Example: Just do like this lah. I am hungry lah. Can lah can lah.

10. Nah

Basically to say “there you go” or “here you go”.

Example: Nah, here’s your keys I’m returning.

11. Alamak

For when you want to express surprise, frustration, or shock.

Example: Alamak, I forgot my wallet at home.

12. Bha

You can use it like “Lah”, or to say “Okay”.

Example: Awal lagi bha nie.

13. Abuden

When someone asks stupid obvious questions, “abunden” is the correct answer. It means “isn’t it obvious?”

Are you eating? (when you are obviously eating)
You: Abunden?

14. Lol

We use this as a response to a lame joke, accompanied by a resting-bitch face. Note: We don’t spell it, we say it as if it’s a word.

Do you know why the bike could not stand on its own? Because it’s two tired!
You: lol.

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