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14 Things That Will Inevitably Happen if You Date a Woman Who Travels

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by Kimberley Jeane May 17, 2016

SHE CAN STAND OUT OF THE CROWD or be the one who prefers to sit quietly in the corner. She has seen a lot and has a lot of stories to tell. She can be the type to disclose all of her most extravagant experiences upfront, or she may prefer to remain mysterious until the time is right. She is a traveler, and if you date her, you will be in for some adventures, both big and small.

1. Your schedule will always be filled.

Travelers are planners at heart. They are always planning something, whether it’s a major getaway, a night out after work, or even a new activity to try out at home. When you date a woman who travels, expect your schedule to become as packed as hers. She lives to experience things, and breathes to be immersed in new cultures and activities. She’s the kind of person who, whenever she can, will take you to a French cooking class after work or to a nearby town you’ve never heard of on the weekend. Sometimes your plans will change last minute because something new or unusual came up.

2. You will learn to dedicate time to yourself.

Her travels have taught her to be comfortable with enjoying time by herself. She lives to be free, and believes that being at peace with yourself makes you a better person. If you want to spend time with your friends or family, she won’t be upset. Rather, she will enjoy her alone time. And eventually, when she makes plans on her own, you will learn to enjoy solo time as well.

3. You will become more humanitarian.

She has probably seen things like a family of five living in a single-room hut, people growing their own crops to feed their families, and people who have to go to the river to wash their clothes. If you complain about something mundane like the dishwasher being broken, she will tell you stories about what she has seen and give you a reality check.

Travelers learn to become compassionate; they always help people when they can. Dating one will turn you into someone who will learn to think about the hardships that many people in the world have to go through, and appreciate the lifestyle that you live.

4. You’ll learn to laugh at yourself and not take things too seriously.

You’ll go on adventures and do things that you’re not exactly comfortable with. You will make a fool of yourself trying to order ice cream in a different language, or surprise yourself with the grass hat-making talent you never knew you had. People will laugh at the way you act and dress. You will laugh at the way other people do certain things. You will screw up directions, miss trains and misunderstand instructions. You may get frustrated. But then, you will realize that life’s like that, and it’s absurdities that it worth living.

5. She’ll choose adventure over “Netflix and chill.”

She’ll stay in and catch some Netflix (or not) once in awhile. But she will be more content, and less bored, if you take her on more adventurous dates. Or even better, if you let her take you on an activity-filled date. Hit the town and try street food you haven’t tried before. Go for a photo walk in the woods or in the mountains. Take a painting class, or find a way to get creative at home.

6. She won’t be impressed by expensive material things.

She won’t care about whether you drive a Porsche or some tiny old car. She has most likely traveled in run-down trains, cars with broken windows, and rickety scooters. She will just be happy if it can get her where she wants to go. She won’t spend $100 on jeans because she knows that the train ticket she can get with that will be more worthwhile. There is no need to buy her an expensive watch; she lives in the moment and can define time by nature. Impress her by spending time with her, taking her to new places and trying new things with her.

7. You will achieve things you never thought possible.

She will take you on adventures with her and encourage you to try things you never thought you would. Maybe you’ll conquer your fear of heights while paragliding, or swim with sharks and get closer to these giant creatures than you’ve ever imagined. Or, maybe you’ll realize you have hidden baking, artistic or athletic talents that you would not have discovered on your own.

8. You will grow as a person.

You will walk alongside the rich and you will feel overwhelmed. Then, you will walk amongst the poor and feel grateful for everything you have. Whether you’re at home or on the road, she will share her passion for trying new dishes, learning new languages and seeing the world in a different way. And every new perspective will shape you as a person.

9. You will feel like you can’t keep up with her.

She is always on the move. She always finds the best travel deals and leaves for trips on a short notice. If there’s something interesting going on in town — a cultural festival, the opening of a new restaurant or a unique opportunity to learn something new — she won’t want to miss it. She talks to strangers and is constantly expanding her network of those who share her passions.

She makes friends everywhere she goes and has an extremely active social life. She will tell you about where she has been and about the crazy things she wants to do next. Just listening to her can get overwhelming. But don’t give up. Support her in all that she does, because she will more than support you when you tell her about your crazy plans.

10. You will become better at teamwork.

Sometimes in relationships you have to compromise to make things work, especially if your tastes are a bit different. Sometimes you may find it better to do things separately. There’s nothing wrong with that — that’s just the nature of relationships. But sometimes, especially when traveling together, you won’t be able to do things apart. You will find yourselves in situations where you absolutely have to meet each other halfway. You’ll get lost in a foreign city or confused at some everyday activity and you’ll have no choice but to work with each other to find the solutions. Travelers are natural team players. There’s always room for teamwork development, and being with her is perfect for that.

11. You will learn to follow your dreams.

She lives her life to the fullest and always follows her dreams. Once she envisions a destination, she will work hard to get there and when she does, she makes every minute count. She’ll encourage you to talk about your dreams and ambitions and will support you on your journey there.

12. You won’t settle down right away.

Don’t expect her to have a life plan. Sure, she might like the idea of settling down, starting a family and buying a house, but not now. Right now, her mind is on going with the flow. She wants to explore the world and be as spontaneous and free as she can. If you date a woman who travels, be prepared go where life takes you. Indulge in each other and all the pretty things that life has to offer. And when the time is right to settle, you will both know.

13. Sometimes, you will feel unneeded.

She doesn’t need you. She’s used to being faced with the unknown and dealing with problems by herself. She won’t need your help to light the barbecue or fix her computer. She will turn down your offers to pick her up because she would rather enjoy the walk on the sunny day. She’s often told that she’s “too independent,” and she’s proud of it.

14. But most of all, you will know you’re wanted.

She knows a rare gem when she sees one. She’s not afraid to go to the extra mile for something that pleases her, and when she finds it, she treasures it and keeps it close to her heart. She doesn’t need you, but she wants you. She will hold on to you, even if she is on the opposite side of the world. And you should hold on to her too, because a lifetime of adventures will come your way.

This was originally published by Thought Catalog here, and was re-printed with permission.

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