15 Signs You Learned to Drink in Taos, NM

by Taylor Maguire Sep 23, 2016

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1. When you ask for a bottle opener, you’re handed a lighter.

2. Taos Mesa Brewing is your unspoken meeting spot.

3. When you settle in for a soak at Manby, someone passes you a growler – whether you know them or not.

4. Instead of going home after work, you stick around for a beer.

5. You always carry a cooler in the back of your car.

6. You know exactly when Giant opens so you can do your morning beer run.

7. When you stop by a friend’s place for a quick beer, it’s assumed you’ll drink one and take one for the road.

8. Beer is normal bartering courtesy – along with building materials, duck eggs, and furniture.

9. When you run errands for someone else you always keep their change as “Beer tax.”

10. A food and booze pairing to you is ordering a green chile stew burrito and a green chile beer from Eske’s.

11. You can now put ‘landscaping expert’ on your resume after trying to get your car out of the Brewery after hours.

12. Even when you’re close to empty you drive passed the Conoco by the blinking light, and hit Giant instead. It’s not a real gas station if they don’t sell alcohol.

13. Your trunk is forever filled with cans and bottles you keep forgetting to drop off at the Greater World Community.

14. You yell at your out of town friends for crushing their cans – it makes them harder to build with.

15. You don’t call a cab when you’ve had too many, you hitchhike instead.

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