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15 Things Us Chileans Say When We're Pissed

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by Nicolás Vergara Sep 22, 2015

1. Pico en el ojo. A dick in the eye.

This is our way of saying that you got ripped off, mainly because your eye disability due to a dick in the eye. Classy, I know.

2. Anda acostarte. Go to sleep.

What we really mean is to back off because the show’s over and nobody cares. This is usually accompanied by a concha tu madre.

3. Te gusta la del burro. You like the donkey’s…

Dedicated to all of those who like to tease and bust balls, but not the other way around, just as donkeys like to fuck and not be fucked. Again, pure class.

4. Hijito de papá. Son of daddy.

This is our somewhat polite way of saying ‘son of a bitch with no merits’.

5. Bajame las luces. Lower the lights for me.

A car metaphor and a threat. I dare you, I double dare you to keep those lights up.

6. ¿Queris quedar leyenda? Do you want to stay a legend?

This is used it more for wannabe gangsters at attempting to make a point by threatening someone. Clue: Legends are usually dead.

7. ¿Te explico con manzanas? Do you want me to explain with apples?

After several failed explanations, it’s time to sit your slow pupil down on a chair, tell him to focus and bring the apples to start the explanation.

8. Te vieron la cara. They saw your face.

Whenever you overpaid for something or someone ripped you off, is because you let it happened. The conman saw your moron face.

9. Te voy a sacar la cresta. I am going to take the crest off you.

This is a last warning before a fight. Chileans used to call each other roosters (gallos), so to take the crest out of someone was a final threat and metaphor of starting a cockfight.

10. Te voy a sacar la mierda. I am going to take the shit out of you.

Nothing to interpret here. Someone is on the edge and is about to beat the shit out of you.

11. Andar pateando la perra. Go kicking the bitch.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Actually it means to be grumpy, and started it in the old countryside. Every time that a dog howled in pain, it was a sign of someone kicking the bitch (pateando la perra).

12. Echar la foca. Throw the seal.

Seals are loud, so when someone calls your attention in a brusque and out of control way, they throw you the seal.

13. Chanta la moto. Brake the motorbike.

Easy, mate, you better take it down a notch if you don’t want to get in real trouble.

14. Levantado de raja. Ass crack lifted.

This one is targeted at snobs and arrogant people. Who do you think you are, you ass cracked lifted person, you?

15. Más weon que las palomas. More idiotic than a pigeon.

Nothing against pigeons, but it comes in handy when someone acts beyond stupidly.

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