16 Differences Between a Normal Friend and a New Hampshire Friend

New Hampshire
by Chelsea Stuart Aug 20, 2015


A normal friend posts selfies, vacation photos, and food pictures on Facebook.
A New Hampshire friend posts pictures of their most recent hike, catches from their fishing trip, and their new motocross equipment.


A normal friend balks at the idea of waiting an hour for pancakes.
A New Hampshire friend insists on waiting longer so as to have more time to wander around the Sugar House and the shop at Parker’s Maple Barn.


A normal friend has likely gone camping at least a couple of times in their life.
A New Hampshire friend spends a good chunk of their summer camping deep in the woods of the White Mountain National Forest. They’d love to tell you all about that time a bear stole all of their food because they forgot to hide it before they went to bed–just ask.


A normal friend tells you about their friend’s friend’s uncle’s cousin who makes moonshine.
A New Hampshire friend lets you try the moonshine they helped their dad make in the basement of their house.


A normal friend pretends to know what’s going on in politics for the sake of polite adult conversation.
A New Hampshire friend pretends to know what’s going on in politics so they can brag about how they met presidential candidates at the state’s first-in-the-nation primaries.


A normal friend accompanies you to the beach in winter to see the sights.
A New Hampshire friend signs you up for the Penguin Plunge under the guise of charity but really just to see you run through foot upon foot of snow and into frigid, arctic waters.


A normal friend takes you to the grocery store for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.
A New Hampshire friend convinces you to drive hours away, to Waterbury, Vermont, to go on a factory tour and get a fresh cone straight from their scoop shop.


A normal friend asks if you want to spend a day at the lake.
A New Hampshire friend plans an all day picnic/drinking fest to be held while floating down the Saco River on inner tubes.


A normal friend compliments you on your Christmas tree.
A New Hampshire friend goes to a Christmas Tree Farm and helps you chop down your favorite tree before bungee cording it to the roof of your Subaru.


A normal friend enjoys going to a theme park every now and then.
A New Hampshire friend complains about how they’ve been going to Canobie Lake Park every year since they can remember, yet they still continue to go and show no signs of stopping.


A normal friend dresses up for a party: makeup, dress, shoes; you name it.
A New Hampshire friend gives no second thought to showing up in a flannel, some jeans, and L.L.Bean duck boots.


A normal friend calls you on their way to your house to see if you’d like to go grab a coffee.
A New Hampshire friend shows up with your favorite Dunkins’ iced coffee and a toasted bagel with cream cheese.


A normal friend invites you for dinner and a small get together at their house.
A New Hampshire friend invites you to a raging bonfire/BBQ/camp out in the woods behind their house and expects that you clear a few days in your schedule for all the festivities.


A normal friend takes the direct route to your house when dropping you off.
A New Hampshire friend drives down every back road and through every neighboring town if it means getting the most scenic view.


A normal friend dresses for the weather and based on the season.
A New Hampshire friend can be found wearing shorts in the dead of winter, flannel in the middle of summer, and a beanie in the spring.


A normal friend suggests you split a fried dough or soft pretzel at the state fair.
A New Hampshire friend insists you each get your own funnel cake, fried Oreo, and homemade fries at the Deerfield Fair–why share when you can have your own?

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